What Freud Can Teach Us About cleaning services sydney

Hiring someone else to do the cleaning for you is appealing, but it also introduces a new list of issues, questions, and well, problems. There are three basic types of services, although their methods may vary considerably.


Type 1: Traditional Cleaning Lady

Some families are lucky enough to employ respected house cleaner ladies who have been cleaning for them for years and are considered a part of the family. Unfortunately, as this group of house cleaners' stops working, it seems there is no new generation coming along to replace them. Perhaps the number of people who view residential cleaning as a permanent career is dwindling. Maybe it just seems that way because there has been such an increased demand for cleaning services as millions of women have entered the workforce.

Type 2: Temporary Cleaning Persons

There appears to be a disproportionate number of immigrants in this group who do not opt for more conventional employment for the reason like language or lack of legal status in the United States prevents them from obtaining other careers.


Even when someone comes along with an aptitude for and interest in cleaning, it may still be difficult to be a good cleaner because formal education is almost unreal. Also, verbal communication obstacles are real, and cultural differences can lead to interpretations of "cleaning" in ways you didn't anticipate, such as rearranging your drawers and cabinets instead of actually cleaning the kitchen or bathroom.

Type 3: Cleaning Companies

As more companies enter the cleaning field, they boost competition, which have tendencies to improve service-in important areas such as better training, customer relations, and reliability

You might find the perfect cleaner in any of these groups, but before you even begin to look, there is a very important question that you must investigate. For whom does your house cleaner work? You or herself or himself? Once you've answered this question, you may know exactly in which of the above groups you want to look for a house cleaner. And if you already have a house cleaner, you may be inclined to make some changes once you've considered this same question.

For Whom Does Your House Cleaner Work?


This question has more practical importance than you may have imagined, because the answer to it may determine whether you are personally liable for back taxes and penalties when your house cleaners (former and current) reach retirement and apply for Social Security benefits. In many cases, if their Social Security accounts are deficient, the IRS has been regularly ruling that their Social Security payments should have been paid by the person whose houses they washed. The IRS is ruling that the house cleaners were in fact workers of the person whose house they were cleaning. That means you, gentle reader, and having an employee has a whole new set of rules.

If you hire a cleaning company that pays or withholds the necessary taxes and keeps the records that are required of businesses by the IRS, you shouldn't have much to be bothered about. Similarly, if you find your cleaner through an agency, the cleaner is generally not your employee if the agency is responsible for who does the work and how it is done. But if you find a cleaner through an agency or organization that just offers a list of house cleaners and does not regulate the hours of work, collect the pay, or set the standards and methods of work, the cleaner may very well be your employee. Likewise, if you hire an individual on the basis of a referral from a friend or neighbor, it's very possible that the cleaner is your employee.

Independent Contractor

There are good (or at least practical) reasons to prefer that your house cleaner not be your employee: It's less complicated and less costly. When someone is your household employee, you must collect, report, and match Social Security taxes, and sometimes pay federal unemployment taxes.

A cleaning service is one opportunity you might consider in opening a business for your own. If you don't mind getting your hands dirty this is perfect opportunity. If not you can hire your staff to do the dirty cleaning for you.

Cleaning industry has two market groups, the consumer market group and the commercial market cleaner. The residential maid services, window cleaner, carpet cleaner or any other related cleaning service belongs to the consumer market group. Or on the other hand, janitorial services which provide a wider range of services including big cleaning companies of carpet belongs to the commercial market group. Before you decide which cleaning business you select, make a necessary research and plan on which service you will tackle.

This business is in demand and profitable. It can generate revenue more quickly. Other cleaning services operate full time or part-time basis. This business has flexibility with its wide range different cleaning purposes needs.

The good thing about this cleaning service is that you can build your own company that suits your talents and cleaning services styles. You can even do this job by yourself or hire some staff to do the work. Cleaning service is abundant. This service is a great opportunity because big companies want their homes to be clean.

Most big companies and other businesses need cleaning services for their buildings and homes. In running this business you must have determination to make the business work. Give quality service and willingness to please the customers and dedication with your work allows you to clean their homes. It is your duty to maintain their trust on you and your cleaning service. You must have the knowledge in operating equipment for cleaning and you need to train your staff in proper handling and cleaning of the equipment. Janitorial services and carpet cleaning businesses, for example require equipment in cleaning. Even the proper use of chemical solutions is needed.

If you want to gain lots of customers, you have to provide best service. If they will have satisfaction with your service, they will definitely recommend you with their families and friends, leaving you will more and more customers.

If you want your cleaning business to gain success, you have to give quality service. You have to bear in mind that customers would want to make sure that they will have clean homes or offices when they hire your service.